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Bed Elevator For Hospital

AOYAMA bed elevator has a technologically advanced elevators that consume limited power, have. Minimal appulse on the global environment and harmoniously serve people.

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EN81 ELEVATOR, German TUV Certification, CE Certification, EAC Certification
Capacity: 1000kg~2000kg, speed: 1.0m/s~2.5m/s

AOYAMA has a technologically advanced elevators that consume limited power, have. Minimal appulse on the global environment and harmoniously serve people.

bed elevator for hospital

Key Features:
- And buildings with smooth, seamlimited operation.
- The refined design produces a high-quality atmosphere that reassures.

Hospital bed elevators which have a regenerative converter reduce CO2 emissions by 1400 kg per year, an energy saving effect of up to 35%. The regenerative converter is able to decrease harmonic currents. There are two models of elevator to choose from. The B750 has the capacity to hold most types of medical equipment and hospital beds while the larger B1000 has more space, enabling it to hold two stretchers.

If physical contact is made between the elevator doors and a person or an object then a mechanical safety device is activated by a micro-switch which reverses the closing doors.

The Advantageous Perfoumances:

 1.Accurate Open And Shut Control:bed elevator for hospital


Door installations in the frequency control mode.Converter can be very accurate speed control cabin doors open and close to a safer ride the elevators.


 2.The Cozy And Quite Atmosphere:


The pursuit of maximum comfort by ladder,reflecting concern by creating very enjoyable to use space.Ceiling design and brignt,elegant car wide variety of wall colors for your choice.Car operating panel using advanced computer graphics technology,from top to bottom with elegant new streamlined design.


 3.Stable And Smooth Running:


Motor part of the VVVF inverter control system with precise control of motor speed,so that thactor voice has become smaller.


 4.The Highly Reliable Decentralized Control:


Microcomputer with a common elevator decentralized control over the distributed control system room,car,car operating panel and hall monitors are installed hou ladder of high performance micro-computer,you can accurately and quickly control all the time changing information.On the lines of communication between the microcomputer to detect,thus enhancing the reliability of the system.


· with/without drive operation

· Automatic return to the base landing

· Automatic landing

· Call cancel when begin reverse-running

· Cage door opening when elevator arrives the floor where there is a hall call

· Door opening / closing call indication

· Indication in the cage when hall calling

· Self-Learning of shaft data

· Full load non-stop operation

· Overload alarm, Car Operating panel display: “OL”bed elevator for hospital

· Alarming device

· In-car and m/r inter talk device

· Light and fan auto-control

· Elevator Locking Device

· Door closing time auto delaying

· False-call canceling

· Emergency Light

· Driven over current protection

· Door opening / closing time-limited protection

· Rope sliding protection

· Door Nudging

· Trouble self-diagnosis and memory

· Over speed falling protection

· Top/Bottom landing overpass protection

· Inspection Operation

· Floor display

· Light curtain protection with mechanical safety edge

· Fireman’s return switch 

bed elevator for hospital

bed elevator for hospital

bed elevator for hospital



1. With CE, ISO9001, ISO14001 certificates;
2. Humanized design, comfort and natural;
3. Advanced control system and driving device, superior driving system, superior driving chain, excellent workmanship assures the comfortable operation;
4. The safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and European standard;
5. Automantic lubrication system lubricates all kinds of driving components, which prolongs products' operation life greatly.
6. Micro-computer controlled system performs with rapid calculation speed, high reliable moving, and also with failure code fixed, easy to be maintained;
7. Drive device arranged vertically assures enough space and convinience for maintenance.
8. Safety protection functions as many as 21 items fully comply with national and Japanese standard.

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