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How to choose the cargo elevator
Jan 07, 2018

How to choose the cargo elevator

General cargo elevators are applicable to large factories and shopping malls, so when they are in the procurement of cargo elevators did not in-depth investigation, in the load, brand, quality, civil and other aspects are in a passive position, resulting in the choice of elevator application life is not long often out of trouble annoying problems. Choose the appropriate, brand quality are good is more important, then how to choose?

First of all consider cost, oneself can withstand the price of the heart there are number, including the cost of construction is the elevator design cost added; second, consider the cost at the same time to see whether the use of room elevators, because there is a room elevator cost too much, and the need for a large space occupied by civil construction, Of course, if the load is too big words or use a room elevator; elevator use cost should not choose hydraulic elevators and two-speed elevators, and the use of variable-frequency cargo elevators, because this elevator can greatly reduce energy consumption, for later use is also the performance of cost savings; the last and most important thing is to choose a big brand laden elevator, Must not find a brand elevator, in order to themselves and the safety of goods, brands in all aspects are perfect, elevator quality and maintenance are very professional, now the market is still a lot of brand ladder, the right choice. Finally, it is recommended to choose the low cost of civil construction machine Room brand elevator, and frequency conversion control can save the use cost.

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