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Passenger Lift Elevator For Railway Stations

Passenger Lift Elevator For Railway Stations

The installation of AOYAMA lifts has cut changeover times and reduced ‘people and goods’ traffic across the whole station.We are constantly providing new products and refurbishing existing lifts, often in very demanding environments.

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Drive: Hydraulic, VVF with energy accumulator, direct acting with single Ram to the side

Load/capacity: 16 person/1200kg

Speed: 0.63m/s

Travel: 5742mm/5765mm/5645mm

Stops: 2

Entrances: Through entry

Floor designation: Platform and footbridge

Shaft size: 2100mm W x 2675mm D, minimal internal plumb

Headroom: 4000mm underside of lifting beam minimum

Pit depth:1400mm minimum

passenger lift elevator for railway stations

The installation of AOYAMA  lifts has cut changeover times and reduced ‘people and goods’ traffic across the whole station.We are constantly providing new products and refurbishing existing lifts, often in very demanding environments. On the rail network our work meets standard NR-SP-ELP-27228, the Department of Transport (DoT) design standards for accessible railway stations and the Guide to Rail Investment Process (GRIP).

AOYAMA machine room-less passenger elevator appliy machine room-less structure. It flexibly places control cabinet and traction machine into the well. It saves building area with concise and beautiful model. It leaves enough design margin for architects,builders and developers. It reduces comprehensive construction cost.

1:Three safety components(speed governor,safety tongs,buffer).

2:Light curtain protection.

3:Door machine system.

4:It prevents from accidental car movement(UCMP).

5:It passes landing door anti-collision test.

6:New generation permanent magnet synchronous &gearless traction machine.

7:Energy feedback system.

passenger lift elevator for railway stations


Safer elevators


The whole series products of passenger elevator from Unite Elevator are  all equipped with a full range of safety protection devices, combined with the most advanced Internet maintenance service mode, provide every moment of the comprehensive protection for you,and please rest assured when taking the elevator.

Smarter elevators

United elevator actively explores various intelligence technology in the field of elevator, which not only improves the efficiency of the operation of the elevator, but also more provide efficient management solutions for vertical transportation in urban buildings, Safe and smooth passenger transportation save time cost and create more value for customers.


Intelligent group control system     Remote monitoring system of intelligent elevator

Smart gate control system          Intelligent targeted selection system


More energy-efficient elevators

Top skills of United Elevator help you build a green BUILDING that saves energy and costs   Initiative four-quadrant frequency-conversion drive technology

The matured and reliable serial communication


 The concise and reliable serial communication network is adopted between various control sub-systems in order to fulfill a series of the functions such as calling ,command group supervision signal, floor display etc. It greatly reduces the trouble possibilities out of circuit problem, largely enhances the reliablility of the lift travel. At the same time, it brings more convenient repair and maintenance to the lift system.


passenger lift elevator for railway stations

 Intergrated controller

 SRH elevator intergrated contr

oller organically combines together the elevator control and motor drive. It is new generation intellectual vector type elevator intergrated controller. It applies direct parking technique which takes distance control as principle. N curves are automatically produced to fullfill the perfect start and stop control. 

· All the passenger lifts are bespoke solutions for a unique site:

· 50% glazed lift cars – installed to Network Rail Specification – boosting light on both levels

· Individually designed, 16-person, 2-stop lifts with hydraulic drive

· Dedicated motor rooms, some remotely located; others adjacent to the lift where space allows. Each motor room stores the Bucher hydraulic power packs and drives that ensure smooth journeys and accurate levelling.

· A phased approach that minimised passenger disruption


 · The best quality products

· Superior service

· Good value for money

· And, last but not least, reliability

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