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Small Machine Room High Speed Passenger Elevator

AOYAMA small machine room high speed passenger elevator inherited the modern highly sophisticated technology,based on the improved elevator system reliability and flexibility to achieve a truly environmentally and energy-saving adbantages.

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Product Details

Small machine room high speed passenger elevator

Capacity (kg): 400,450, 630, 800, 1000, 1150, 1250,1350, 1600, 2000
Speed (m/s): 1.0, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0

 Drive Type:AC, Hydraulic

* Type of Ceiling: Painted steel with half mirror type acrylic sheet
* Ventilation: Streamlined conditioning vents as both sides
* Car Wall: Hairline Etching sheet
* Car Floor: PVC floor
* Car Sill: Extruded Hard Aluminium


small machine room high speed passenger elevator

AOYAMA small machine room high speed passenger elevator inherited the modern highly sophisticated technology,based on the improved elevator system reliability and flexibility to achieve a truly environmentally and energy-saving adbantages.

Small machine room passenger elevator is compared with the usual machine room, with a reasonable layout construction, making room area as large as the hoistwang reaches saves floor space, while reducing the apperaance of the engine room of the building-specific effects on the appearance. It can be adapted to the requirements of a particular building construction matter, not only reduces the cost of construction, but also help to stimulate architects inspired to create blocks of magnificent works of art.


The AOYAMA Design Collection is a versatile set of inspiring elevator car interiors that have been created by our award-winning design team. Choose a complete interior from one of the collection’s contemporary design themes, or create your own unique look and feel by mixing and matching our wide range of materials and accessories.


Smart, flexible solutions that every modern building should include to improve user experience and building management

A high-speed elevator solution with a small machine room for high-rise buildings. It features a broad range of interior options, superb ride comfort and excellent eco-efficiency.

Passenger Elevator with the complete safety solution complying with EN81.1, GB7588-2003, JIS safety criterion offers the reliable performance. Without the noise and vibration resulted from the traditional gear transmission, the elevator brings the passengers with the comfortable and quiet riding experience.

small machine room high speed passenger elevator

Small volume traction machine combine with integrated controller, so that it makes the machine room size same with well size. It covers the equal area as that of the wall. At the same time of reducing the machine room height it beautifies the building outlook. It fullfills super small standard of machine room space and building cost.

Compact design
Small machine room passenger elevator is a kind of elevator with new concept, which is for improving the construction value. The area of machine room can be reduced by more than 50% than traditional elevator, so it saved construction space and increased useful space.

Energy saving
Small machine room passenger elevator use permanent magnetic synchronous gearless traction machine, featuring high effective and energy saving.It save by 33% energy than the gear traction machine for the same capacity. The best design comprising special designed control cabinet with samll size and the most advanced with lower loss makes the layout of the machine room perfect.

small machine room high speed passenger elevator

Product Application


1.Powerful master of 32-digit integrated control system:
We apply special-purpose elevator integrative control system. High-speed operation goes through 32-digit DSP main-board. We execute variable frequency, variable voltage control to the elevators. It forms plural and characteristic control between traction machine, car signal, load detection, floor signal. We smoothly and steadily operate the elevators. We offer the best and comfortable travel experience.

2.IC card management system:
1)Modular design has greatly reduced the size of control cabinet
2)Strong anti-interference ability enhances the reliability
3)Thin control cabinet can effectively save sapce and improve space utilization rate

3.VVVF door operator system:
1)Advanced VVVF variable frequency technology ensures the smooth and peaceful opening and closing of elevator doors.
2)Digital variable frequency results in low trouble rate with accurate speed regulation. It brings about the more stable and smooth door opening/closing.
3)Optical encoder is accurate in catching and stable in operation. Toothed belt transmission is peaceful with low noise.

4.Synchronous and gearless traction machine:
3)Energy saving

5.Automatic lighting system of elevator car:
F elevator applies LED energy-saving lamp. When nobody is in the elevator car for more than 15 minutes, it automatically cuts off the car lighting. When it senses that somebody calls the elevator, it re-starts the lighting. It thus saves any unnecessary lighting power consumption.


· Excellent eco-efficiency – hoisting technology, lighting and standby solutions for energy efficient operation.

· Superb ride comfort – smooth and silent operation through the latest elevator technology and quality tests performed after each installation.

· Versatile design - a broad set of attractive materials and accessories to create the perfect interior for your elevator.

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