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Magnetic Levitation Elevator, Not Only Fast But Also Lateral, The Future Elevators Are Like This
Sep 25, 2018

What I brought to you in this issue is the magnetic levitation elevator. When you take the elevator, have you ever experienced it, you can’t squeeze it and you can’t wait, especially the office floor is high, and it’s almost time to work. For the acute one, it’s Very difficult, the general elevator has only one car in one track, at the peak of the commute and lunch time. Many white-collar workers who go to work disregard the image, and the scene is fierce and crowded with the subway.

However, this situation in the future may be alleviated by a new invention. This is the latest invention of electricity by the Germans. It subverts the operation of the traditional elevators by ropes. Instead, it is the linear motor technology used in maglev trains. The MultiEBPA7BEOB elevator does not have any EXi cables. The entire elevator is erected on a rail and powered by a linear engine that passes through the field speed belt and accelerates the magnetic field to the different floors. In addition, it can be rotated at the intersection. When the track changes from vertical to horizontal.

It will be able to move around the floor and send passengers to the entrances and exits of each unit. This design will save users a lot of time and the required hoistway is smaller than the traditional elevator, so it is very suitable for use in high-rise buildings. Mass production is currently not possible on a large scale. Due to the structure of the MT. Due to the elevator structure. Unlike any conventional elevator, its installation also requires special design and is currently not suitable for common high-rise buildings.


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ADD: No. 17, Osukannon, Nagoya Southwest District, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

TEL: +81 52 4564462

Email: info@aoyama-elevator.jp

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